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Testimonial for At Home Veterinary Care, Gardiner, Maine, the "coolest vet".We have only been coming to you guys for a short time, but we feel so comfortable and confident of your ability to care for our dog Sammy. My 8 year old daughter was impressed with the way that Dr. Flowers sat on the floor with our dog, and explained, and answered all of our questions in a way that those of us without a veterinary degree would understand...He was not stuffy, and we left after our first visit impressed that we have the "COOLEST VET". We tell everyone about you guys, and feel very welcome when we are in your office. Thanks for all you do.....
~ Kathie Zehring

Testimonial for care provided to cat, Lucy, by At Home Veterinary Care, Gardiner, Maine.Our first visit I would rate excellent. You fit us right in and were very patient with all our (sometimes silly) questions. Thanks for the great care. [pictured is "Lucy"]
~ Kim Tessari



Very impressed with service received. Dr. Flowers explained in detail why our dog had the condition we were concerned about and the remedies that are available. Excellent visit.

You are all so kind, was a wonderful experience for us, Jill seemed to love everyone there. I will keep referring people to your office. You are great, thank you again.

Testimonial for care provided to dog, Princess Pooey, by At Home Veterinary Care, Gardiner, Maine. Dr. John is the best vet I have ever met, his dedication and concern for his clients is reflected by his staff. You should be very proud of your facility and team. [pictured is "Princess Pooey"]
~ David Hilt




Thank-you for the excellent care that my pets have always received from everyone there. After the lost of Aries, your kindness and thoughtfulness meant a lot to the family. I know that Gizmo is in good hands. Again thank-you for such great care of our pets.

Testimonial for care provided to dog, Abbey, by At Home Veterinary Care, Gardiner, Maine.Abbey comes to see Shawn to be groomed. He is fantastic! Thanks again for a great experience.
~ Betty Bailey


The Hospital is Very professional...with excellent services....We and Chloe are confirmed customers. 

We have used several different veterinarians for our pets and our experiences have been less than desirable until we came to At Home Vet. We like to be a part of the decision making regarding our pet(s)care and well-being, not told condescendingly how to be a good pet-owner. The staff at At Home has been very supportive and caring in the way we discuss our pet(s) and their needs. We especially appreciate the way Dr. Flowers has taken the time to educate us in our appointments, and not just tell us what we should do without discussion. The office is always very pleasant and accommodating, and very comfortable...like at home! :) We appreciate the efficiency of how things are executed and we always feel welcome to ask questions. We really do enjoy our appointments and we are very happy to have found At Home Vet for our family :) Thanks!

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Testimonial for care provided to cat, Roxanne, by At Home Veterinary Care, Gardiner, Maine.Dr. Flowers goes above and beyond in answering our questions and explaining issues!! He is great at explaining options/treatments. The staff is always welcoming and friendly. Would not take our eight cats and one dog to anyone else!!! [pictured is "Roxanne"]
~ Dorlane Craig



I've always had great service at At Home Veterinary, Maggie seems to enjoy coming in for her appointments. It always smells very clean in the office as well. Keep up the great work.

Excellent care as always.

Testimonial for care provided to dog, Pennywhistle, by At Home Veterinary Care, Gardiner, Maine.Hi there everyone who saw our Pennywhistle through her weeks of feeling rotten (and OUR weeks of feeling so sad for her). The meds you prescribed, the care and attention you gave her, and time itself seem to have alleviated (at least for now) her problem. I knew she was feeling better when she woke me up one morning by climbing all over me with that good old tail-wagging that shows her happy nature. So, thank you from us and from her. I am sending a couple of pictures from a recent day out. Note the tail, note the happy ears, and the barking at us to play with her. If you "listen" behind the pictures, you can hear us smiling with relief.
~Sue and Tom Cummings

Testimonial for care provided to dog, Nautaca, by At Home Veterinary Care, Gardiner, Maine. I am very impressed with the staff and doctors. I have been to your clinic before with my cats and have always received great care. Thank you for making Nautaca's first vet visit a happy one!

~Dawn Manter



I have been a client of At Home Vet Care for over 6 years. I appreciate their professionalism, their love of animals and the time Dr. Flowers always takes in answering my many questions.

Testimonial for care provided to dog, Sophie, by At Home Veterinary Care, Gardiner, Maine.All the staff is friendly. The dogs love to go there (half the battle). The groomer is A1. Thanks. [pictured is Sophie]

~ Jacqueline Larochelle



Dr. Flowers and the entire staff at At Home Veterinary Care quite simply excel in all they do. I have been a client here for over 10 years and have always been exceedingly happy with every aspect of the veterinary care my dogs and cats have received. I firmly believe that Dr. Flowers is the best veterinarian in the state. The option for house-calls is extremely helpful for a household such as mine with multiple pets. [pictured is "Ellie"]
~ Susan Liddell