Client Education

 Veterinary publications

This is a collection of articles you might find helpful. As always, you can contact us with any questions. We would also like to refer you to our own handbooks: “How to be your dog’s best friend” and “How to be your cat’s best friend”. These are available at the clinic free of charge for our clients.

Help choosing a breed for your family

This is a list of the most common breeds (both canine and feline). Each link will lead you to a summary page which includes a physical description, personality profile and other items of interest.   There is much more information you’ll need to make an informed decision and we are happy to help you find equally reliable sources.

Pharmaceutical information

This is a list of the most commonly prescribed veterinary medications. We encourage our clients to speak with us about any questions or concerns they have regarding their pet’s medications.

Informational videos

Informational videos cover topics from acupuncture to understanding congestive heart failure and valvular disease.