Our Services

 Wellness and Vaccination Programs

Wellness and vaccination programs provided by At Home Veterinary Care, Gardiner, Maine.Our wellness and vaccination programs are designed to prevent diseases and prolong the lives of your pets. The heart of a healthy pet visit is a conversation about your options as the owner. We will always perform a thorough physical examination and that is not an option. However, what you choose to have us do after that is based upon what modern veterinary medicine can offer and what you desire for your pet. We vaccinate based upon a thorough discussion of disease risk, current knowledge on vaccine duration, and in some cases, what finances will allow. In some cases we do not vaccinate as an owner is more concerned about reactivity and negative effects. We are happy to guide these owners with some insights but also to support their decision if that is their informed choice.

Surgical Services

Surgical services provided by At Home Veterinary Care, Gardiner, Maine.

We provide most surgical services at our clinic to include spay and neuter, soft-tissue surgeries and orthopedic surgeries. Often we refer our patients to specialists in veterinary surgery to perform more complex procedures or if  the owner wishes to have a specialist perform the surgery.  We routinely refer complex fractures requiring special hardware, thoracic, spinal, radical tumor excisions and non routine eye surgeries.

A technician admits your pet in the morning and goes over the plan and options.  Next the doctor performs a presurgical exam and finalizes the plan prior to anesthesia.  Most surgical patients are able to be discharged later that day.  Some surgeries may require a longer stay if more pain medicine and injectable antibiotics need to be delivered or if they are performed after noon.

House Calls

Veterinary house calls provided by At Home Veterinary Care, Gardiner, Maine.Our specially equipped truck has been stocked with everything needed for exams, vaccines, etc. House call appointments need to be made as far in advance as possible, as this is a popular choice for those clients with multiple pets or those who are not able to come to our clinic. These appointments are best made for healthy pets. Sick pets should come to the clinic, as we have more lab equipment, x-ray and surgery facilities. We currently schedule house calls by appointment. On a short notice basis we will accommodate as best as we can.


Micro-chipping provided by At Home Veterinary Care, Gardiner, Maine.Micro-chipping is a safe way to permanently identify your pet in the unfortunate case that your pet is lost.  It involves placement of a small electronic chip the size and shape of a piece of rice just under the skin in the neck area.  A large needle is used to inject the chip.  The injection is fairly comparable to regular vaccine injection and can be performed awake. If your pet becomes lost and ends up at a shelter or veterinary clinic, the facility should be able to scan your pet for the chip and contact you.  We advise you to use a collar with an ID tag (your name and phone number) on your pet also as the general public is often the first to find the pet.  Feel free to call or stop by for a brochure and more information about micro-chipping.