Clinic Tour

The clinic tour begins with the front door of At Home Veterinary Care, Gardiner, Maine.Clinic Entrance

Welcome to our clinic! You will be warmly greeted as soon as you open these doors!


Waiting area at At Home Veterinary Care, Gardiner, Maine.Waiting Area

Welcome to the waiting area! Sunny and open, inviting you and your pet to relax for a short spell. Coffee and tea are available for your pleasure and there are toys for children to play with.

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Treatment area at At Home Veterinary Care, Gardiner, Maine.Treatment Area

The treatment area is a busy place. Here, we perform blood draws, dentals and other minor surgical procedures. Other diagnostics include ultrasound, blood pressure and eye pressure. The treatment area is also where the recovery and hospitalization wards are located.


Digital x-ray used by At Home Veterinary Care, Gardiner, Maine.Digital X-Ray

There are may advantages to having a digital X-ray machine on site. It allows for a much more detailed picture than conventional X-rays, it’s easier to get the picture (your pet doesn’t have to be restrained for as long), and since the image is digital, the file can be saved onto a disc and sent home with the client or emailed to referral hospitals.

Lab area of At Home Veterinary Care, Gardiner, Maine.

Lab Area

The Lab Area contains the blood analyzer and microscopes. We perform urinalyses, fecal testing, check for ear mites and analyze skin scrapes for external parasites.


Pharmacy for At Home Veterinary Care, Gardiner, Maine.Pharmacy

The Pharmacy Area contains medications and is one of several areas where reference materials are stored